MV-3 OMNIBenchtop 3D AOI that great at small quantity batch production

Equivalent performance with in-line 3D AOI

- Non-blind spot digital 12 projection moiré 3D inspection technology
- Inspection for diffuse reflection component, OCR, micro crack precisely by 8 phases coaxial color lighting
- Smallest component inspection by ultra-high resolution camera and lens
- 18 mega pixel angled camera which has similar resolution with main camera

Precise Inspection: Best yield with combination of full 3D inspeciton, full 2D insepction and deep learning algorithm

Side-Viewer® : simultaneous 5-dimension inspection by using 18 mega pixel angled cameras

Intellisys® : Total process management system for improving productivity and achieving smart factory

AI Auto Programming : simple and easy programming by using IPC international standard library

Good design for space efficiency.