Personnel System

Level System


  • Recruit
    (4 Y)
  • Assistant
    Manager(4 Y)
  • Manager
    (4 Y)
  • General Manager
  • Manager-Director
  • Executive


  • Researcher(4 Y)
    (if with Master's 2 Y)
  • Research
    Manager(4 Y)
  • Junior
    Researcher(4 Y)
  • Senior Researcher
    (4 Y)
  • Head of
  • Executive

Promotion System

  • Regular Promotion

    Promoted after working
    the required period and annual
    promotion evaluation

  • Promotion by selection
    (General Manager and above)

    Promoted for excellent
    competencies and performances,
    regardless of required period

HR Evaluation System

Mirtec's HR evaluation can be categorized into performance review and competency review which has been made to fairly reflect the value of the company.
Through the reviews, Mirtec grant employees compensations reflecting the performances, a motivation and support for self-development.
Classification Evaluated Category Evaluator Evaluation Cycle
Downward Evaluation Colleague Evaluation
Performance Review Performance Review considering personal
/position characteristics for yearly goal and daily tasks
Team leader Team members Yearly
Competency Review Personal/position based evaluation paper
for performance handling capabilities

Compensation System

  • 01

    Individual salary

    Mirtec currently operates personal salary
    system for all employees. The individual
    performances and compensations are reflected
    (Company offers generous compensation
    for excellent performer)

  • 02


    Sharing the exceeding profits
    with employees when the targeted
    yearly profit is exceeded.

  • 03

    Other benefits

    Over-time pay
    Holiday work-in pay
    Mobile bills (Sales)

Education System

  • Leadership Training

    Training workshop for positions above team
    leader to improve coaching competency

  • Job Training

    Job training with external education
    institution considering personal
    /position orientation.

  • Correspondence education

    Deepening of knowledgein interested
    areas and competency improvement
    through mandatory educational courses

  • Promotee Training

    Position Training for the Promotees